Monday, 3 November 2014

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GRIT REPORT: Mobile is No Longer an Emerging Technique

Published on 3rd November 2014, the Autumn 2014 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report concludes that mobile surveys is no longer an emerging technique as they are now used by a majority of researchers. When looking at the adoption of new research methods, the growth in mobile has been dramatic. 64% of the GRIT survey respondents said that they use mobile surveys - up from 41% in the last survey.

The report also looked at the drivers of change in data collection with 80% of the GRIT survey respondents naming the increasing use of mobile devices as a factor encouraging them to review and change their data collection methods. 23% of respondents said that the growth of tablet computers and smart phones had prompted major change, while 47% said it had prompted minor change.

So it’s official… Mobile surveys are very much a staple in a researcher’s toolkit and becoming more prominent as the research industry adapts to a more ‘mobile-driven’ world.

You can download the GRIT report here
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