Tuesday, 14 April 2015

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New OnePoint Global Pricing Set to Revolutionise Use of Mobile Surveys

Affordable for everyone at just £45 per month.

OnePoint Global announces new pricing model which is akin to companies such as SurveyMonkey. In the Online Survey space, accessible pricing enabled mass adoption; OnePoint Global is now following suit to ensure easy access to Mobile Surveys.

Neil Jessop, CEO at OnePoint Global says, “Our mantra is to make mobile surveys easy and at the heart of that is our straight forward and affordable pricing. Cost is no longer a barrier when adopting Mobile Surveys. We keep things really simple… With a monthly user licence of just £45, everyone now has the possibility to include Mobile in their communication and research toolkit.”

For £45 per month, a named single user can create unlimited branded Apps, Mobile Web, Online and SMS surveys to collect responses offline and online – capability which no other company provides in one Platform.

OnePoint Global’s mobile survey technology is designed to ensure that’s it’s easy to use, so that everybody can create any kind of mobile survey that looks perfect on any phone, tablet and browser. The result is mobile surveys that both look and work fantastically, therefore building greater engagement and increasing response rates. You can experience OnePoint Global’s mobile survey technology here.

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