Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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Africa goes mobile

Mobile Market Research is the hot topic with brand owners and research agencies and its relevance in Africa cannot be over-stated. In Africa, the mobile phone has become a key research data collection tool. Whereas developed markets continue to rely on online desktop computer based research, the paucity of an established communications infrastructure in Africa means that mobile devices are dominating the market.

This is illustrated by the fact that although the United States economy is nine times the size of Africa’s, Africa has twice as many mobile phones. For example, mobile phone ownership in South Africa has increased from less than 32% a decade ago to nearly 90% in 2012.

The implications for researchers are clear; mobile must become a key component of any research strategy, especially for any market where there is such a high dependence on the use of mobile for all activities. Depending on the study and focus, it is vital to ask and understand the questions, potential challenges, and expected research outcomes. In doing so, the right expertise and platform can be involved.

Our mobile survey technology has particular resonance for conducting research in Africa and other developing markets. It’s capability to support multiple platforms including, SMS, WAP/Mobile web, mobile application, voice and ‘choice’ broadens reach beyond the realm of smartphone ownership and enables customers to select their preferred channel. This broad reach nurtures high response rates and high levels of customer engagement.

In recognition of our unique capabilities CE Agency, a customer experience improvement agency based in South Africa, selected OnePoint Global as their partner to enable mobile research to be undertaken on any mobile handset, including tablet devices, in any language and in any country across Africa – truly leading the way in mobile research in this region.

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