Tuesday, 20 October 2015

android users converting to iphone

A whopping 3 out of 4 Android users consider converting to iPhone 6s in the next six months.

Mobile survey market leader finds that iPhone 6s proves a big hit not only with Apple-users, but also with Android-users.

We love mobile at OnePoint Global, and following the latest iPhone release, we were interested to find out what consumers think of iPhone 6s. We used our own survey platform, we love to test it as often as we can, to ask a few questions.

OnePoint Global found that 82% of iPhone users consider upgrading to an iPhone 6s in the next six months, but it was perhaps more surprising that 73% of Android users might also switch to iPhone 6s in the next six months.

Across both iPhone and Android users, there was a strong sense that iPhones are good value for money, with 69% and 67% respectively answering that they thought this was the case, despite Londoners having to work on average more than 41 hours to pay for it, and New Yorkers working 24 hours*. People aged 26-40 years of age were most likely to agree that an iPhone 6 is good value for money.

Apple has not launched an iPhone Mini, but OnePoint Global found that 60% of Android users would consider buying one. On the other hand, 55% of iPhone users would not buy an iPhone Mini. Whether one is launched any time soon remains to be seen, but the interest from non-Apple users was found to be strong.

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