Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Mobile customers lack loyalty

OnePoint Global - Empowering Market Research Agencies, Research Panel and Sample Providers to own their own Survey Apps

Agencies large or small can now create their own branded survey apps in minutes and launch to app stores within days.

Today OnePoint Global the specialist provider of mobile survey solutions, announced the availability to the Market Research and Insights Industry of their survey App development code, enabling clients to own, create, launch and manage their own survey Apps to the app stores within days.

Our unsurpassed App Mobile Survey solution effectively enables Market Research agencies to support their Brand Owner clients with survey Apps that seamlessly connects them with consumers and panel members.

Built using Software Development Kits (SDKs), clients can add an App research channel to their existing infrastructure in previously unheard of development times. What’s more clients have the option to leverage our Open Source Mobile Survey Platform environment as well and embrace a completely white-labeled approach to their mobile research.

“Having their own Mobile Survey App will create far greater ownership for Market Research agencies and their Brand Owners to engage with their target customer participants and panel communities.” Said Tim Snaith Chief Research Officer OnePoint Global. “Our use of an Open Source technology approach has created greater choice for clients when creating and designing App based survey solutions. Being able to build and completely white-label a survey app massively reduces the total development lead time to days from months and due to our sharing of development code it’s free for our clients to use as their own. Not only can clients own their own proprietary survey App, the approach taken means that surveys are changed on the server side and there is no need to re-release your app every time you need a new survey capability update.”

  • For Panel and Sample companies – this allows you to create a white-labeled version of the App, create your own branded experience or create multiple branded surveys reflecting your client needs.
  • For Market Research organisations – this approach allows you to not only add a new channel to your own research architecture, but also build additional unique propositions for your clients .
  • For Brand Owners – this approach further strengthens your engagement with consumers – gaining feedback quickly and effectively.

Notes to Editors
About OnePoint Global

OnePoint Global enables mobile surveys to be taken on any device, in any country, in any language – anytime, anywhere.

As the leading specialist provider of mobile survey solutions, our Software as a Service (SaaS) technology enables Market Research agencies, Customer Experience specialists and Brand Owners to reach any target audience through any mobile device either offline or online.

Our suite of mobile and online survey modules (APP, In-App, SMS, Online and MobileWeb) can be used on an individual basis; as well as options to take a completely white-labeled approach.

We also offer clients the ability to create and build their own mobile survey products or integrate specific survey modules within their existing survey platform architecture through an Open Source environment using Software Development Kits (SDKs).
Tel: +44 (0) 870 414 2625

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