Tuesday, 20th March 2018


OnePoint Global introduces a free to go, free to stay, pay as you go pricing model to the market research industry

In a disruptive move, mobile software company OnePoint Global unveils a Pay As You Go pricing model making it easier than ever for researchers to use its mobile-friendly market research products. The company has removed all barriers to entry giving customers access to its suite of best of breed products with no licence fee or fixed term contract. Researchers and CX professionals can now sign up for an account and simply pay a low, fixed price for survey responses and outbound SMS messages.

This disruptive approach is a first for the market research software world which has traditionally been dominated by monthly or annual licence fees. Where DIY online survey companies still offer a free to use basic plan with limited functionality and paid upgrades, OnePoint Global is the first to give access to all its functionality and products from a free account by an unlimited number of users.

This contemporary, free to go, free to stay model gives researchers the chance to enjoy the immediacy of modern engagement channels and exploit functionality such as geofencing to trigger in-context research.

OnePoint Global is the only company dedicated to supporting market researchers to be successful in a mobile world and now gives free access to its products and its code, letting researchers use its off the shelf products or build their own mobile survey capabilities from its software development kits (SDKs). The company went Open-Source last year allowing businesses to build survey Apps easily or quickly embed its survey engine functionality within their own Apps to create engaging, always-on feedback channels.

Neil Jessop, CEO of OnePoint Global commented, “The simplicity and transparency of Pay As You Go pricing creates no-risk, low-cost opportunities for researchers to exploit the full potential of mobile as a channel.”

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