Are your surveys
as customer centric as your service?

Your customers call or email you when it suits them. Using mobile surveys lets them respond when it suits them too.

6 reasons why contact centres
are using mobile web and SMS cSat surveys today.

To enhance customer offerings and contact centre performance (using VOC data)
To improve service levels (with greater understanding of what causes frustration)
To better engage with respondents (and reduce costs)
For immediate responses (with increased accuracy)
To improve completion rates (as they’re so easy to use)
Because they are so easy to implement (set up, change and report)
MaritzCX Account Director about OnePoint Global

“We replaced an IVR program for a leading Telco client with daily SMS surveys to customers who contacted the call centre. They reply at their own convenience using a FREE TEXT SMS short code.
In a few months, this has increased the response rates from 9% to 15% and reduced the costs of data collection by around 32%.”

Sherrie Austin, Account Director MaritzCX Account Director about OnePoint Global

Get faster feedback on your team’s performance.

Mobile surveys are a convenient way for customers to share what they think about their customer experience. View reports in our dashboard or integrate the results into your own reporting tools.

Let us show you how cost efficient it can be to measure high volumes of staff performance.

Improve cSat completion rates with mobile web and SMS surveys. Get faster feedback on staff performance surveys

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Let customers complete a Mobile Web or SMS survey to share their views on a call or online experience.

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