Get your surveys noticed with SMS invites.

Survey completion rates too low? Email invitations ignored?
It’s time to try something different. SMS invites are the easy way to get your mobile web and online surveys noticed.
You’ll get faster results and higher response rates with SMS invites.

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Your online or mobile web surveys are much more likely to get noticed and completed when you send SMS invitations and reminders. Customers open 98% of SMS messages, compared with 22% of e-mails; and there is no risk of landing in the spam folder.

To find out more, about what SMS can do for your research programmes, download our Free SMS Essential Guide.

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sign up for a free SMS invites account. Only pay for the messages.

Source: Venture Beat

SMS invites. Sign up for FREE.

SMS invites is easy to use. Simply upload your list of permission-based numbers, write your message, add your link and send!

SMS messages can be sent to any handset, in any language, in any country, so you can run local and international programs.

Sign up for a FREE SMS invites account and simply pay for the messages.

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sign up for a free SMS invites account. Only pay for the messages.

We’ve got SMS covered.
From Albania to Zimbabwe.

Use 2-way SMS surveys and 1-way SMS invites for just one country or as many as you like.
Adding a sender ID shows which COMPANY or BRAND is sending the message and encourages engagement.

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Send SMS invites to just one country or as many as you like.

Be inspired.

Here’s how other clients are already using SMS invites and 2-way SMS surveys.

Inviting respondents to take an online or mobile web survey.
Sending reminders to respondents who started but didn’t complete the survey.
Contacting respondents who didn’t open the invitation email.
Keeping messages short by using 'tiny' survey links.
Boosting survey completions with personalised reminders.
Letting respondents reply in the moment, using a mobile device.
Promoting rewards and new offers to panellists.
Personalising messages and web links to create more engagement.
By-passing busy and inactive email inboxes.

Get started.

Just sign up to SMS invites, create your messages and start sending.

Don’t forget – always follow the terms and conditions for sending permission-based messages.

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Send SMS invites to just one country or as many as you like.

TOP TIP: Use SMS invites if you want responses fast, and as a reminder invitation to those who ignored your
e-mail invite.