Reach your target audiences in any country

By using SMS Surveys you can:

  • Increase response rates
  • Remove the need for email databases
  • Quickly and effectively set-up a new survey channel
  • Easily integrate with existing CX and Market Research programmes

Create SMS Surveys.

If you like online surveys, you’ll love our unique SMS surveys. They provide rich insights from people even with the most basic phones. You can include full routing and logic capabilities, and even use picture, video and voice to increase engagement.

To find out more, about what SMS can do for your research programmes, download our Free SMS Essential Guide.

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Fast and convenient.

Discover why respondents love the speed and convenience of SMS surveys.
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Extend your reach. Go global.

2–way SMS surveys are the best way to reach everyone with no channel bias.
You can engage those with smartphones, as well as basic phones, and you don’t need an internet connection, which is
ideal in poorer coverage areas and rural locations.

Use SMS for surveys with no internet connection and in areas of poor coverage.

80% of SMS surveys are completed in 2 hours.

2-way SMS surveys are simple fast and convenient. What’s more, because everyone uses
SMS messages in any country and in any language, SMS surveys can minimise channel bias.

Use SMS for surveys with no internet connection and in areas of poor coverage.

Invite and remind.

Use 2-way SMS surveys and let customers reply for free or at standard rates.
Send 1-way SMS invitations and reminders with links to a Mobile Web survey, world-wide.

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Re-energise CATI with SMS.

Increase response rates and save costs. People enjoy using SMS and are often happier to respond to direct SMS surveys than they are to CATI or mobile web surveys.

Combine CATI with SMS to partly or fully replace short CATI interviews as well as run short surveys alongside longer CATI interviews. SMS also lets you sweep up non-responses and screen for willingness to participate whilst delivering faster results for more urgent parts of the CATI program.

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Use SMS surveys for CATI programs that need higher response rates or faster results.
Mobile operators can use SMS surveys to capture customer experiences in real-time, using their own network and SMS gateways.

Are You a Mobile Operator?

Capture customer experiences in real-time and save costs.

Use SMS surveys and your own gateway and short codes.

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