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DIY survey tools

Do more in-house with the best mobile-optimised surveys tools.  Create your own branded survey App in minutes!

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No Licence Fee

We don’t lock you into contracts or charge recurring licence fees. Simply pay for what you use at fixed rates. Low risk, high return – the results will speak for themselves. See just how much you can achieve.

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Drag and Drop Question Editor

Use the intuitive drag-and-drop question editor to create questionnaires yourself without reliance on a scripting professional. Edit and refine your questions or add unlimited branching logic in seconds. You retain editorial control.

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M-Web & Online Surveys

Watch response rates rise when your online surveys are perfectly formatted for any phone, tablet and browser. Respondents love going online from mobiles and tablets. Give them the choice and then include rating sliders, drag and drop rankings and media for interest and excitement.

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Offline Surveys

Your respondents aren't always online, but they almost always have their smartphone or tablet with them, so using cached surveys within Apps lets them take part whether or not they are online. Give them choice and they'll respond more quickly and fully.

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SMS Invites

Give your online surveys the lift they need with low cost, high value SMS invitations to your existing online surveys. You'll get the traffic you want far more completions from the same cohort. Get the answers you need for just a few pence per text.

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SMS Surveys

If you like online surveys, you’ll love SMS surveys. They provide rich insights even from people with the most basic phones. You can include full routing and logic capabilities to tailor the questions to the responses and use picture, video or voice to increase engagement.

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Immersive Brand Experiences

Easily theme and style your surveys using saved colour schemes, logos and images and create surveys that deliver a rich product or brand experience. Leave a strong brand impression that will build loyalty and awareness while you test products, concepts or recall.

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In Store Feedback

Show how much you care with short surveys triggered when App users enter or exit stores. You define the geofencing zones and which surveys go to whom. Great for Customer Experience insights following purchases.  Invite feedback to build a relationship with your market with free geofencing surveys.

Your own branded App in minutes

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