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Mind the Gap – the widening gap between panel companies with and without a survey App

The gap is widening between panel companies that do and do not use mobile Apps to distribute surveys. Those that ‘do’ offer cost and time efficiencies that their competitors cannot match. Fast turnarounds from a responsive app-using sample mean their clients get more for the number of panellists they pay for: the sample to quota ratio is lower and fielding times are pleasingly short. Those that do also offer fresher and more interesting question types and response capture methods, for…

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How to survive the extinction of the online survey

Bob Lederer recently posted a video in which he asked whether mobile was the last hope for the MR Industry. Beneath this question was an acknowledgement that online surveys are in decline mostly because users don’t answer emails and can’t be bothered to type in custom URLs. These factors were compounded recently by the unrest caused by GDPR. We see this as a wake-up call to wean ourselves off a dependency on email to engage market research panels.

Emails bounce,…

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How to fill your survey quota without email post - GDPR.

Following the GDPR deadline, many companies have found themselves with greatly reduced email lists. But let’s not mourn, because email invitations to online surveys have been declining for years. Meanwhile Apps are on the rise as the most cost effective and immersive way to capture feedback.

Like landlines, online surveys are falling into disuse in a mobile world. Apps, however, are becoming the loyalty card of the survey world – every brand wants an icon on their customer’s phone or…

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8 ways to get millennials & generation Y to take your surveys

If twenty-somethings are a key demographic for your products, you’ll need smart strategies to grab their attention and secure their participation in your surveys. According to an article on Social Media Week, Millennials reflect $200 billion in annual buying power and yet are possibly the most difficult generation for marketers to understand and a growing one at that: According to Inkling, by 2019, the millennial population is expected to reach 17 million* in the UK.

This group has grown up…

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SMS is 25 years old

As text messaging reaches the ripe old age of 25 we look at why it’s limitations are it’s hidden strengths, making SMS the secret weapon in every marketer and researcher’s armoury.

Since the first SMS was sent on Christmas day in 1992, text messaging has grown in strength and utility. While dial up modems have all but been superceded by wifi, SMS hasn’t been entirely wiped out by newer, and shinier counterparts. In fact, we argue that the value of…

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