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Three cool flavours of App Survey

When you need an immersive experience by using sliders, adding video, capturing selfies or vox pops, or triggering surveys at the point of use with geolocation, you need a survey that is accessible both online and offline. App surveys are the only way, other than paper or CATI to get feedback when and where it is relevant, regardless of whether the user has cell coverage or wi-fi.  Apps offer respondents pure convenience and offer you as a researcher a range…

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Why is an intuitive UI Important to Survey Success?

User Interface = Survey Success

Research and indeed survey success is a culmination of many factors. From having the correct sample, appropriate questions, survey format and branding. Not forgetting an appropriate channel of distribution, collection and collation prior to the analysis of responses. So why it an intuitive User Interface important to survey success?

Put simply, ease of use, speed of performance and the knowledge that a complex survey scripting approach has been delivered in a simple easy to format.…

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Engaging Audiences in the Mobile Age

Check out this presentation on Slideshare from our CEO discussing the keys to

captivating an audience in the age of mobile phones, tablets, phablets and laptops.…

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Mind the Gap – the widening gap between panel companies with and without a survey App

The gap is widening between panel companies that do and do not use mobile Apps to distribute surveys. Those that ‘do’ offer cost and time efficiencies that their competitors cannot match. Fast turnarounds from a responsive app-using sample mean their clients get more for the number of panellists they pay for: the sample to quota ratio is lower and fielding times are pleasingly short. Those that do also offer fresher and more interesting question types and response capture methods, for…

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How to survive the extinction of the online survey

Bob Lederer recently posted a video in which he asked whether mobile was the last hope for the MR Industry. Beneath this question was an acknowledgement that online surveys are in decline mostly because users don’t answer emails and can’t be bothered to type in custom URLs. These factors were compounded recently by the unrest caused by GDPR. We see this as a wake-up call to wean ourselves off a dependency on email to engage market research panels.

Emails bounce,…

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