GDPR and Surveys

GDPR and Surveys

How to fill your survey quota without email post - GDPR.

Following the GDPR deadline, many companies have found themselves with greatly reduced email lists. But let’s not mourn, because email invitations to online surveys have been declining for years. Meanwhile Apps are on the rise as the most cost effective and immersive way to capture feedback.

Like landlines, online surveys are falling into disuse in a mobile world. Apps, however, are becoming the loyalty card of the survey world – every brand wants an icon on their customer’s phone or tablet and every agency wants a way to fill quotas quickly from the samples they have.

Apps exploit the unique features of a mobile device, making them more versatile and engaging than online surveys. Geolocation, barcode scanning, video, audio can be included in the survey content or captured in responses. Some features, like ratings scale sliders, are not new but elicit a more intimate response on smartphones due to the more tactile experience of using a finger instead of a mouse. And there’s something far more familiar about taking a selfie with a smartphone than a laptop. Then there’s the other great convenience of App surveys – they can be taken on or offline at leisure with no pressure to complete in one sitting.

We set out make App Surveys as accessible and affordable as online surveys making them simple and quick to integrate into any programme. And like the best things in life, our Apps come in various flavours.

1. Vanilla

Get your audience to download the My Surveys App free from any App store and add them to your sample. Create your survey, make it live and ‘voila’ – your sample will find your survey there when they open the App. Put your brand and colour theme on the survey and it’s good to go. In fact, you can create hundreds of differently branded surveys and push them out to your panels through the My Surveys App. One App, multiple surveys. Serve the Vanilla App with a topping of any branding you like.

2. Chocolate Chip

Here at OnePoint Global we’ve made creating mobile-friendly App surveys deliciously easy. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to make survey Apps quickly in whatever branding you choose. If you need help getting your Apps published to the App stores, we can show you the ropes, and our team can even create an App to your specification making it pain free and straightforward. Put your brand of chocolate chips into our App to make it look and feel uniquely yours. Simple. They’ll taste your branding, feed on your survey content and rely on our great codebase and survey engine running in the bringing it all to life.

3. Double Chocolate with Sauce

This flavour, otherwise known as App in App, is where you take our App and embed it into your own. Have an App that your customers love? Now find out how much they love it and why. Discover your Net Promoter Score™ and gain rich, personal feedback from your fans by allowing them to upload voice, video and for invaluable insights you usually only get from focus groups. Once you have our App in yours, you can create as many surveys as you like and push them to users with App notifications. You can also use SMS invitations to gain new users.


So why are all our app flavours so irresistible? Firstly, it’s because they’re free. It’s part of our OpenSource policy. Get any flavour of App then just pay for results. That’s right. You don’t pay for surveys sent, just for responses – that’s each time a survey has been opened, along with any SMS costs, which are a fixed price per message. Everything else – geolocation, barcode scanning…it all comes under the same simple tariff. Easy. Affordable. Cost effective. Making a business decision is simple. Budgeting is child’s play.

You can capture nuanced responses with all the different question and answer types or by including complex piping and routing or if-then’ scenarios to drill down for detail depending on how a person responds. Plus, your results will come faster than you’re used to, meaning you can adapt your business or your survey on the fly if you need to.

How do we do it?

While other companies have been hammering away at online surveys, we skipped straight to mobile. Mobile-first market research tools have been our focus for years and over that time we’ve gained speed by creating our own scripting language that parcels up chunks of code so it’s quick to create complex surveys without becoming an expert in market research logic. Let your developers develop, let your researcher’s research and let them work together easily. We’ve compressed a decade’s intelligence into nice, manageable pieces that you can easily manipulate without getting lost.

Get the Idea?

Studio is our IDE. It’s an Independent Development Environment – basically a one-stop-shop in which everything you need to code a great survey is there ready for you to combine as you will. Just download the OneScript Studio and use the split screen & WYSIWIG editor to see instantly how your question or style sheet changes pan out on the UI. The logic relies on modern, standard scripting languages that your developers will already be familiar with, like C++ and C# and XML. If you have a web developer on your team, they’ll be able to build your custom App with our toolkit, stress free.

Intrigued? Find us on GitHub and social media or just get in touch for a chat. We’d be happy to demo our App or the ‘Build Your Own’ SDK.