Open Source

Open Source


Here at OnePoint Global we continue to work hard developing new features and adding flexibility for those interested in extending, integrating, white labelling and just making mobile research better. That’s why we decided to make our software Open Source.

To make it even easier we have split it all up into manageable features.


All you need to do is get a OnePoint Global Account. Simply use this link to contact us for an account and our team will set you up with access to everything we have to offer.

Once you have your account you can sign in to take advantage of the Research Toolkit; start creating device agnostic surveys (SMS, Desktop, Mobile Web, App), set up panels, create geofenced locations, track participant progress from SMS, email and in-app notifications all the way from delivery, open, read, download of app, sign in, for full Panel ROI management.

  1. You have full access to a drag and drop survey editor that has been designed with mobile research in mind, supporting many different device capabilities and our own unique mobile survey app, My Surveys.
  2. You can brand the app and your account, meaning that you can either:
    • Demonstrate to your customers who will be able to see the platform as your very own branded solution, or more powerful still,
    • If you don’t want to lose out to DIY survey solutions, take ours, brand it, and the My Surveys app, and give it to your clients to use in house whilst you maintain ownership of the survey design, data analysis and added value services.

Need more flexibility? Then the Developers Toolkit is for you. As a developer you can do even more with our four Toolkits…


You have full access to the Open Source OnePoint Global Account Toolkit where you can customise the experience for surveys, questionnaires and panellists. Make things easier for your business processes, host a solution without the worry of data management and backup processes. Integrate with other business processes to gain a mobile feedback solution with the minimum of effort. All this is available to work on any platform that supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

If you already have the complete solution but just want to take advantage of our feedback capabilities then you can use our OnePoint Global Account SDK. Built for the Microsoft .NET developer you can integrate your own .NET solution directly into our platform. Alternatively we have a full RESTful API for any platform to integrate with ours.


You have access to our feedback solutions on mobile devices that allow you to deploy our powerful survey engine on Android and iOS. You can either:

  1. Use our app code as a starting point to build your own mobile survey app in days, brand and release for a head start on gathering feedback;
  2. Integrate our mobile survey app SDK into your own app to make it a complete feedback and insight channel;
  3. Give the SDK to your client’s app developers to integrate inside their customer and employee apps for fully mobile app capable surveys on and offline (Picture, Video, Voice, geofencing, barcode scanning, etc.);
  4. Build your own completely unique app, add ours and other SDK’s to completely bespoke your customers app experience whether you be a panel/community business or a global brand and release to the app stores with OnePoint inside.


If you require more power and the drag and drop questionnaire editor is not enough for you we have a fully integrated development environment, OnePoint Global Studio (Studio), that allows you to access the real power of our advanced OneScript language and flexible mobile presentation capabilities.

Both scripting interfaces are integrated, using the same interview model: they work together so anyone could script the bare bones, export the file to Studio and add the complex stuff or give it to one of your scripting experts to do for you.

All of this is built on the world’s first Universal Research Framework, running on Windows, iOS and Android.

Again, we have just made our Studio Open Source so you can enhance and build it into your platform. Taking our mobile ready OneScript compiler and runtime to add into any Microsoft .NET solution you can tailor questionnaire scripting to your needs.


Sometimes it is all about managing sample and analysing results for the client. We give you the feedback capabilities and we give you the ability to integrate high volume data processing. You can push sample into our system automatically triggering invitations over SMS, Email or Mobile App Notifications. We manage collecting your feedback and you can monitor it using your OnePoint Global Account. We also give you the ability to take the results of the surveys and place them back into your Business Intelligence or analysis tool of choice.

This integration toolkit comes with the ability to handle, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, push and pull, all on a scheduled or real time basis, in any data format required, from plain text to delimited or fixed format to XML and Excel.

Find out more by contacting our Support Desk and requesting a OnePoint Global Developer’s Account.


These Toolkits will help you deliver an unparalleled mobile research solution with the minimal development effort, enabling you to support your business in developing the ultimate research solution.


Sign up for a free OnePoint Global Developers Account and we will help you create the solution you need.