Why is an intuitive UI key to survey success?

Familiar design elements create a pleasing user experience

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Why is an intuitive UI Important to Survey Success?

User Interface = Survey Success

Research and indeed survey success is a culmination of many factors. From having the correct sample, appropriate questions, survey format and branding. Not forgetting an appropriate channel of distribution, collection and collation prior to the analysis of responses. So why it an intuitive User Interface important to survey success?

Put simply, ease of use, speed of performance and the knowledge that a complex survey scripting approach has been delivered in a simple easy to format. This leaves us to still think, why is an intuitive User Interface (UI) important to our survey success?

Ease of use and access

As a global mobile economy, we now work from everywhere – from the coffee shop, our home office, our work office, on the train you name it, and we’ve been sat there with our devices working. The same is true for modern day researchers. When there is a need to create, launch and then analyse a survey or surveys to support research goals, deadlines wait for no man. That’s why it is key that researchers can both access and easily use their chosen  Survey Platform from their mobile device, anytime and importantly anywhere.

The UI therefore needs to be simple to access and have speed of use and ultimately deployment.

Google Material Design

The use of Google Material Design principles further supports and enhances survey success for both the researcher and recipient. The highly recognisable designs make creating and uploading surveys a seamless experience to other web based applications.

For the survey recipient an intuitive, well designed and importantly branded survey will increase their propensity to respond.

Speed of performance

In the creation of a User Interface the developer must have two key audiences in mind – the researcher and recipient. Why? Because they ultimately are the two audiences that need to be happy with what is created and transmitted and what is received. The latter is of particular importance when it comes to receiving high response rates.

Enhanced functionality

An intuitive UI comes hand in hand with enhanced functionality. And it is this functionality that supports the survey experience for both the researcher and recipient. From functions such as a drag and drop survey editor, specialised online and mobile scripting language or creating projects with multi-channel surveys the creation and deployment should be effortless by a well-designed and responsive UI.

Complexity delivered with simplicity

Complex scripting of any enterprise class survey platform is at its core. How this complexity is translated into simplicity of use is where survey platforms add the biggest value for researchers.
The positive impacts of an intuitive UI are therefore evident and available for all researchers to realise.

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