Market Research Toolkit Launch!

Market Research Toolkit Launch!

OnePoint Global launches survey app toolkit for panel companies

Mobile Survey specialist OnePoint Global launches a multi-functional toolkit for panel companies providing a free brandable app that is functionally rich, fully supported and constantly updated, making app ownership accessible to businesses without the need for significant investment in app development. The app includes till receipt scanning, geofencing, offline surveys and audio/video features and works on all smartphones and tablets and will also be available on Mac desktops and laptops later this year. Panel companies can distribute surveys from multiple brands through their own branded app or create branded apps specific to each of their client brands and use them to issue multiple surveys that are also available offline.

“We sit in the sweet spot between businesses who provide sample along with a very basic app and companies whose sole focus is providing a service like till receipt scanning. We package all the functionality possible via mobile devices that is relevant to respondents and market researchers in one robust and versatile data collection tool delivered on a Pay As You Go Basis with no strings attached.” Said Neil Jessop, CEO of OnePoint Global. The company offers the toolkit free, charging only for survey responses and SMS messages sent.

Jessop continues, “We are confident that our software speaks for itself and feel no need to tie customers into lengthy contracts. We make it risk-free for researchers to experiment and find out for themselves how enjoyable it is as a respondent and researcher using our software.”

The company has been dedicated to providing solutions that help researchers succeed in a world dominated by mobile devices for over a decade and its Panel App toolkit includes SMS Invites, SMS Surveys and a free, brandable app that includes till receipt scanning, barcode scanning, keyword triggering and survey theming whilst also exploiting the commonly used functionality of mobile devices such as cameras, audio and video playback to make the survey experience engaging for panellists.