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We provide MR professionals with the channels to reach their markets, wherever they are.

Apple are renowned worldwide for their product suite that powers consumers in a "Digital World". Apple's customers can decide to use just one product, commit to the entire product suite or build and customise their own products. At OnePoint Global we aspire to be the equivalent of Apple for "Surveys in a Mobile World" by enabling our customers to use just one (or more) of our best in class products or build and customise their own survey products.

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Neil Jessop
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Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Neil co-founded OnePoint Global with a vision to create a self-service mobile survey platform that would enable businesses everywhere to tap into the power of mobile. Under his leadership, the company has evolved into the fastest growing and largest mobile survey software company in the world, working with the leading market research companies and brands.

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Tim Snaith
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Chief Research Officer
& Co-Founder

Having designed the OnePoint Global Mobile Platform for market researchers since conception, Tim manages the Research Team which has delivered over 40,000 projects across 74 countries. Tim is a Founding Board member of the MMRA and part of the ESOMAR special projects team that developed the Guidelines for Conducting Mobile Research.

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Doug Morris
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Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Founder

Doug's expertise provides the solid technology foundation that underpins the OnePoint Global service and ensures that the sophistication of the design translates into simplicity for the user. Doug has focused his professional skills in web and mobile app development on survey logic for over twelve years, creating the team, the platform and mobile apps that are fast, reliable and cutting edge.

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Rick Carbone
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Chief Financial Officer

Rick has significant experience and background in the market research sector and has worked for some of the largest global market research agencies. His roles have included CFO for North America at TNS, CFO Americas at Synovate and CFO at Lieberman Research Worldwide. He is responsible for managing the financial operations of the company and in charge of the OnePoint Global accounting function.

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Mark Radford
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Head of Global Operations

Responsible for the customer support and the day-to-day activity within OnePoint Global’s offices and sites, Mark ensures every service exceeds expectations. He combines his technical knowledge and experience with an appreciation for broader business objectives to help OnePoint Global run smoothly and continually look and move forwards.

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