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Our surveys work on any device and one account gives you access to all of our survey products.

Use as many products as you like and Pay As You Go - no licence fees or monthly charges. 


M-Web & Online Surveys

Surveys designed for touchscreen users.  Questions load quickly for an instant and exciting user experience that holds interest. Excite and delight your audience with surveys created for people on the move.

Offline Surveys

Offer the convenience of taking part when and where it suits your audience best, on or offline.  Users love our App surveys - they are light to download, responsive, feature rich and enjoyable to take.

SMS Invites

Put a short link to your existing online survey in an SMS and attract immediate attention. SMS Invites get fast responses and high participation rates. Get a better response to your online surveys.

SMS Surveys

Short, quick SMS surveys get great participation rates for in-the-moment feedback from a high percentage of your customers. The most powerful tool for cost-effective and efficient for customer satisfaction studies.

Survey App

Wrap your surveys in your own branded App. Use our free My Surveys App to distribute your branded surveys to your database.  Use our free App to get more engagement, qualitative input and more satisfaction.

In-App Surveys

Put our survey engine inside your customer App.  We've packaged the code so any App developer can transform your App without being a research specialist.  There's so much more to feedback than a simple ratings scale. 

Bulk SMS

It’s not just about price. Get access to multiple countries  with assured message delivery at high volumes, with messages correctly formatted and are readable when received, taking into account specific country legislation, culture and language.

People For Surveys

Over 100 million qualified and engaged people, across 90 countries, waiting to take your surveys.  High quality people from a trusted source and cost effective.

Reach Anyone. Anywhere.


Available to download from our Github pages today, Software Development Kits for iOS and Android apps. No need to be a survey expert, just robust CSS, HTML, Javascript skills and you can create a stylish App that works like a dream.

Surveys available online, offline, via App, in-App and SMS

Your audience is mobile - now your surveys can be too

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Everything we do is designed to work perfectly on any device

Designed for the mobile web

Why be mobile friendly when you can be mobile optimised?

Use barcode or image scanning, geolocation, video capture or SMS invitations to make it a pleasure to take your surveys.

Better still, why not trigger a survey when respondents are in range of your target zone or pick up their location details when they start surveys to gain behavioural insights about when and where panellists really want to take part?

Geolocation is just one mobile device feature that can add immediacy and excitement for respondents and give you instant intelligence.

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Designed for the mobile web

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