Bulk SMS

Send 1-way SMS to 226 countries

High volume 1-way SMS

Great rates to any country and assured delivery for Bulk SMS anywhere.

Access 226 Countries

As mobile aggregators we have existing connections with all mobile operators around the world for true global reach.

Superb Bulk Prices

We can offer great volume discounts when you pre-pay for SMS both for 1-way and 2-way traffic delivering superb service and excellent value for money.

Assured Delivery

Our robust SMS platform handles high volumes without dropping a single message. It’s exceptional at low and high volumes in any country. 

Boost Online Surveys

SMS is a great way to send alerts, reminders, offers and survey invites to your customers.  The increased response rates will revive your online surveys.

Reach Any Handset

Whoever they are, wherever they are SMS can reach them. Our platform gives you complete assurance that your messages have been delivered, formatted correctly and will be readable when received.

Local Expertise

Our country experts will ensure you meet the legal requirements in destination countries. Use our insider knowledge on wording, timing and targeting your SMS traffic to get your message across effectively. 

Bulk SMS

Access any country cost effectively

Plug in to our platform easily 

Use APIs to integrate with your SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS is not just about price. You need access to your destination countries through providers that will assure delivery even when concurrent volumes are high. Then there's country-specific legislation, the nuances of culture and language and the timing - all factors that contribute to successful project delivery.

Use simple APIs to integrate your platform and ours then you'll also have our expert team on tap, not just a reliable platform - all the knowledge you need to prosper in any market.  

We'll help you get the message across and get it right:
  • Country specific knowledge
  • Technical expertise
  • Assured message delivery
  • Rapid message handling
  • Round the clock technical support
  • High security standards
Plug in to our platform easily 

Bulk SMS at competitive rates

As Mobile Aggregators we give you instant access to any country and the very best pricing.

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