Offline Surveys

Surveys you can take anywhere

The App That Never Sleeps

Give users more freedom and the'll give you more feedback.  Cached App surveys can even be taken offline without mobile or WiFi coverage.

Ready-to-use App

Our App is ready for you to brand and use.  It’s designed to be the best survey app in the world based on the richest and most convenient user experience.

Seamless Experiences

With online surveys or App surveys users can start on one device and complete a survey on another for a seamless cross device experience.

Capture Their Voices

Allow audio uploads to capture free speech in survey responses. Your audience love to be heard and you’ll gain insights with a qualitative edge.

Highly Personalised

Use unlimited branching questions to deliver follow on questions relating to recent answers. Create a personal conversation for truly specific insights. Set your surveys apart from free online ones and get to the heart of the matter.

Create Excitement

Build loyalty and gain market insights by triggering surveys from QR codes on packaging or print media.  Location, vendor or product specific surveys will make respondents feel part of something special.

Open Source SDKs

Don’t risk  being second best. Use the SDK to rebadge our App using the simple SDK and launch an App under your brand name with our capability inside knowing it will always be supported and kept up to date by us.

For Pure Convenience

Remove the pressure and let them respond in their own time

Surveys when it suits them

Start using offline App surveys for iOS & Android today.

Research shows that customers want to engage through Apps. They love taking surveys designed for touchscreens. We help you create frictionless App surveys that are intuitive to answer and get ideal completion rates. Questions are presented clearly, load quickly and can be answered easily so users enjoy taking part. 

Fewer abandons and more unprompted feedback from satisfied panellists give you better results. 

  • Best-in-class survey App, regularly updated, never relaunched
  • Thoroughly tested, robust, stable and expertly supported
  • Loved by panellists and easy to use
Surveys when it suits them

Engage with people even when they are offline

Use offline surveys within the My Surveys App today