SMS Invites

Fast response, high completions, great results

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Get your surveys noticed

Be sure that everyone knows your survey is ready.  Don't fight for attention in their email inbox.  Send a link to your existing online survey in an SMS.

Fast Responses

Most text messages are read within 90 seconds, compared with 90 minutes for email. Use SMS invites for fast responses and shorter fielding times.  Reduce non-responders and refusals with messages that get immediate attention.

Budget friendly fixed rates

With flat rates for SMS you can easily budget to include SMS invites and the higher response rates will more than justify the small expenditure. You’ll get more responses from the audience you’ve paid to access.

Reach any phone in any country

Reach respondents anywhere – whether they’re online or not, SMS will reach them in any country – even where few respondents use email you can be sure they’ll see your SMS invitation. Access a truly global audience with SMS invitations

Quick and easy

Short, friendly and personalised messages get fantastic results. Pipe in the respondent’s name for an individualised touch to your invitation.  Keep messages short by using 'tiny' survey links.

Every demographic within your reach

Access even the most basic handsets to invite participants to online surveys or even in store CATI surveys.  Customers love to be reminded and thanked for their participation. 

Expert Support

We offer free advice on tailoring messages for different countries – our specialists know the regional regulations and the cultural tweaks that will make your messages effective.

Invite, remind and thank with a personal message

Users respond quicker to SMS than email

Talk their language

SMS is highly effective at reaching demographics that don’t respond well to traditional media. 

Youth groups, busy travellers, rural dwellers and people in developing countries are within your reach with SMS. 

Your online or mobile web surveys are much more likely to get noticed and completed when you send SMS invitations and reminders.

Reach your target demographics
  • Automatic translation to language preference set on the phone
  • Unlimited volume for large campaigns
  • Successfully used by banks and telcos
  • Great for fast responses
  • Competitive Bulk SMS pricing available on request
Talk their language

Fixed rates for SMS to any country

We've put SMS within reach of every research budget