SMS Surveys

Any handset, any country, any language

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Reach your target audience in any country

SMS is the only channel truly able to reach any handset, anywhere.

Fast Set Up

Set up a new survey channel with us today. You can automate the push of customer data to our server to send new survey invitation messages throughout the day or at scheduled times.

High response rates

SMS is the most fast-acting survey channel. Get outstanding response rates and reach a high percentage of your database for meaningful insights.

Timely feedback

Send surveys as soon as customers complete an interaction. Following purchases, calls, visits or when close to your locations for instant feedback.

Global Reach

We have relationships with mobile operators in every country giving you reliable service and easy access to anyone, anywhere.

Great Value

We secure you budget-friendly fixed rates or Bulk SMS prices for unbeatable value. SMS surveys are low on cost but high on ROI.

Fast Responses

It takes seconds for the average person to respond to an SMS but 90 minutes for email. SMS surveys obtain super-fast responses and high completion rates.

Reliable Platform

Our platform is fast and reliable even in large scale projects. Send and receive thousands of messages per second with no delays or dropped messages.

Absolute Control

Stop surveys when quotas are filled to minimise costs. With responses received quickly and in higher numbers than you are used to, you'll be surprised how far your budget will go.

Expert Advice

Our experts will help you localise your questions for the best results and ensure all the country-specific regulations are met. We’ve got it all covered.

80% of SMS surveys are completed within 2 hours

Instant feedback from customers on any phone anywhere

Fast responses, instant answers

Engage those with smartphones, as well as basic phones, and you don’t need an internet connection.  Ideal in poorer coverage areas and rural locations.

From banks to charities, SMS surveys reach challenging demographics and capture even customers least likely to give you feedback in person or online.  Customers love the short, simple questions and respond quickly so you can set and fill quotas with speed and ease.

For research with reach use SMS Surveys:
  • Get immediate feedback after interactions or events
  • Predictable costs, reliably high response rates
  • High percentage uptake means you get representative results
  • An option to offer alongside an online survey link
  • Personal, intimate, powerful and the perfect fit with your brand
Fast responses, instant answers

Our SMS Surveys give you truly global reach

Any country, any language, any handset