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Designed for online and offline surveys

Your own branded survey App in minutes

The most powerful, feature-rich survey App is available to you.

Beautifully branded

Create branded App surveys using your themes, colours and images - save them in your library for re-use.

For all mobile devices

Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems to work perfectly on any smartphone or tablet. 

Free to download today

Send your audience an invitation to download the App from their favourite App store: free to you and them.

Choose who sees what

You decide what each user sees in the App - surveys from one or multiple brands that you invite them to take.

Great User Experience

Uses the features of mobile phones and tablets making it easy and fun to respond.

Read words in images

Trigger specific questionnaires when keywords are detected in images with our Optical Character Recognition feature.

See who's using it

Analytics tools help you see who is using the App, when and where so you can leverage your best responders.

QR Code Scanning

Generate QR codes that link to online survey URLs or trigger surveys on user handsets when they scan QR codes.

Free Geofencing

Trigger surveys when users enter or exit your venues or defined zones with surveys relevant to the moment.

My Surveys App

A cutting edge App from the Mobile Survey Specialists ready to download today

Make our App your own

Get innovative App features without the development cost.  Expertly designed and maintained and packed full of features you won't find in any other survey App!

We keep the App up to date, feature rich, simple to use and free to download.  Our App is fully supported so you don’t have to hire technical experts – just focus on the research.  It offers the widest range of features of any survey App around including geofencing and OCR. 

Create branded surveys and give your audience an immersive experience as soon as they login. Invite them to surveys from one or many brands using App notifications, emails and SMS. 

The most exciting range of App features:
  • Style it with your logo, images and colours
  • Read till receipts, bar codes or QR codes
  • Include video playback or video capture
  • Include music or voice in your questions
  • Accept selfies and photos as answers
  • Accept audio answers instead of typed responses
Make our App your own

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