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Mobile CX Toolkit

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Convenient surveys available on mobiles, tablets, phablets and desktops.  Reach customers in any country.

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Choice Surveys

Reach even the most basic phones with choice surveys – send SMS invitations and let them decide to take part online or by SMS.

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In-App Surveys

Put our survey capability into your App to create a voice of the customer feedback channel to monitor anything from support calls to purchases and billing.

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SMS Invitations
SMS Invites

SMS invitations get your online surveys noticed and with our service you can shorten a link AND offer SMS surveys as an option for customers who are data-shy.

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App Surveys
Survey App

Get your own survey App in minutes. Invite panellists and your beautifully branded surveys will be waiting when they download the App and log in.

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Audio Uploads

Capture the real voice of the customer within App surveys or by allowing users to upload voice files recorded on their phones or tablets.

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Photo Uploads

Panellists love showing you their world. Let them include photos, selfies or uploads with their answers.

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