Employee Engagement

Start a conversation with your colleagues

Open dialogue from any device

Give employees a voice and feed your continuous cycle of improvement with efficient surveys. 

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Gather Feedback

Use simple online or App surveys to give employees a chance to feedback. Let them record voice or video as part of their answers for richer insights.

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Present & Measure

Deliver important announcements by video and test employee's understanding of the topics and their support with voting and feedback options to keep them in the loop.

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Team Tracking

Track the performance of teams and the company as a whole with surveys run regularly to analyse key measures of employee satisfaction and engagement. With more frequent surveys you can keep course correcting throughout the year and maintain a focus on company objectives.

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Talk To Your Teams

Using the simple drag-and-drop question editor you can include unlimited branching logic to serve each team with specific questions relating to their work. Tailor company-wide or team-wide surveys to the role for granular data and actionable insights.

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Announce News by SMS

Get important announcements out to exactly the right people with SMS alerts and invitations. Check that everyone has watched or read company news by inviting them to take quick surveys afterwards.

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Share & Grow

Share the feedback you gather from your surveys and let them know that their views count by including slides, images, videos and animations of survey results. You can even invite more feedback or suggestions.

Engage employees on any device

Keep them on board with an App that goes wherever they do, smartphones, tablets, phablets and desktops