GeoFencing Surveys

Be where your customers are

Surprise, delight and engage with in the moment surveys

Collect location specific data - it is free with our App and free to users. 
Define a zone and trigger surveys on entry or exit


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Put Yourself On The Map

Trigger surveys when customers come close to your stores and put your brand on the map. Gather store-specific feedback with free geofencing features of App surveys.

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Define Your Zone

Define a geofenced area and App users will be notified and invited to answer questions when they enter or exit the zone.

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Geolocation - Learn Where

When users have Location Services enabled you can gather data on when and where they take your surveys for behavioural insights to triangulate with results.

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In-Store Offers

Use Geofencing surveys to offer promotions in return for feedback. Offer discounts or a chance to win when they take surveys in store.

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Photo Uploads

See through their eyes and find out exactly what customers like about their brand experience. Understand their views better with photo and video capture or let field workers take evidence photos on site.

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Barcode Scanning

Combine in-the-moment surveys with barcode scanning to find out what they bought on their trip or to link with competitions and offers. How about adding granular detail to that mystery shopping data you wanted?

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On The Spot Vox Pops

Collect Vox Pops and sound clips on the spot, whether directly from the panellist or from your CAPI interviewer. Site specific data collection adds depth to your data.

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Customer App

Got an App? Put our App capability into your existing App, with your branding. Make store visits, cinema trips and journeys rewarding and keep your brand top of mind.  

Location Based Surveys

 Send timely survey notifications & drive engagement