Offline Surveys

Take part any time, anywhere 

Surveys available when Wi-Fi & mobile coverage are not

Let users take part when and where they want with surveys that are available online or offline.

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Instant App Surveys
Survey App

Get your own App in minutes. Distribute your questionnaires using the My Surveys App to find out just how powerful App surveys can be for your research project. Surveys are cached so panellists can take them on or offline wherever and whenever they wish.

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In-App Surveys
In-App Surveys

Put our survey App capability into your existing customer app. Your developers will find it easy with our open source software development kit. They don’t need to be survey experts to build it in and style it to your brand.

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CAPI In The Field
Survey App

Enable teams to interview from tablets or take short smartphone surveys after customer visits. You can brand and theme App surveys easily and with unlimited branching logic, you can ensure that you capture all the details relevant to the interviewee. Touchscreen, video and audio capture features mean interviewers get the respondent involved.

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SMS Invites
SMS Invites

SMS invitations reach panellists wherever they may be. They attract immediate attention and fast responses. Fill your quotas quickly and help panellists stay in the loop with personalised alerts and thank you messages.   SMS invites keep your brand top of mind and compliment email invitations and App notifications.

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Location Triggered Surveys
Geofencing Surveys

Your App customers could be giving your in the moment feedback when they leave stores or approach your locations. It’s the most convenient and exciting way to get CX insights. Is your brand thrilling its customers?

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App Notifications
In-App Surveys

Even if active alerts are not switched on App users will see that new surveys are waiting from a number over the App icon on their screens. Apps really get your surveys noticed.

When is offline better than online?

When it gives audiences the freedom to take surveys when and where it suits