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Research confirms that panellists prefer to use Apps to take surveys and we think we know why.

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Finger Friendly

Forget the mouse, our answer types are designed for comfort and usability on touchscreens with clear buttons and sliders, presented on a single screen make it simple and quick for users to give their answers.

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Branding and Styling

Brand and theme App surveys easily and send users surveys from only one brand or from many – you choose how many brands to display to each App user.

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Cross Device Transfers

Seamless transfers between tablet and smartphone mean users can complete surveys on other devices, not just the one they started it on.  Flexible and easy.

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Offline Surveys

Offline or online, with cached surveys, panel App users can take part even without Wi-Fi or cell coverage.  Results are uploaded when the user is back online.  It’s designed for convenience and choice.

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Video Questions

Users love to watch more and read less so include video in your question types or to test recall and deliver a more immersive brand experience.

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Location Specific

Geofencing allows you to define an area in which to trigger surveys for App users. Make it exciting and relevant with this free App feature.

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