Receipt Scanning

Understand Buyer Behaviour

Use mobile to understand customers better

Give shoppers an App with which to scan receipts and collect points. You can even trigger surveys based on basket items or key words to spice up your data collection programme and keep customers loyal.

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Receipt Scanning

Let shoppers and panellists scan receipts with a purpose built app and give them rewards for giving you the information you need. You can save the images or store the words from scans as text for easy analysis.

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QR Code Scanning & Triggering

Trigger surveys from QR Codes on products or receipts. You can even create QR codes and launch online surveys when users scan the QR codes on packaging, on billboards or other media.

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Barcode Scanning

Use the inbuilt scanning feature within the App to let users scan barcodes so you can capture product specific details to add to your quantitative market research studies.

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Shopper Insights

Want to collect data from a demographic or simply from non-loyalty card users? Give them the App that lets them scan receipts, barcodes or other data from products or purchases. Quick and simple data collection backed up with opinion and rating questions will give you qualitative data to support the quantitative inputs.

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Keyword Triggered Surveys

Trigger surveys from keywords detected in images scanned by App users. You can make surveys highly relevant by creating keyword triggers linked to the OCR scanning feature free within the App.

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Customer Support Solutions

Give your customer service executives the insights they need to give first class support by gathering data from customers through receipt scanning or from barcodes you have added to the products. They will know when and where the products were purchased to add colour and meaning to their support.

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